The protagonist of future new growth value



We pursue endless efforts and changes to become a key company in the future new growth business.

We first started developing metal separator for MCFC in 2001 and have been developing hydrogen fuel cell stacks and components for about 20 years. Recently, we are focusing on developing metal separator for PEMFC, which are hydrogen fuel cells for mobility. The application of an extremely thin plate material with a thickness of 100 μm or less increases the difficulty of High-accurate Forming technology in the metal separator forming process.

Due to the difficulty of High-accurate Forming of ultra-thin plate materials with knuckle-type server presses in Korea, we built a four-axis direct-drive servo press (ZENFormer) to our company in February 2022 to secure metal separator forming technology using ultra-thin 50 μm materials. In addition, instead of a rubber gasket that seals the gas in the existing metal bipolar plate, laser welding is applied to secure a technology for manufacturing a metal bipolar plate that seals the gas for the first time in Korea.

This laboratory institute strives to provide the best system to manufacturers of metal separator and metal bipolar plate by combining High-accurate Forming technology to improve the quality of metal separator and production automation technology for mass production.