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Our business area is promoting two business, [the Laser welding automation system] and [the hydrogen fuel cell].

[The laser welding automation system business] is utilizes laser welding technology accumulated for about 20 years to provide the optimal automation system for customer needs.

In particular, we operate 'Laser Welding Job Shop' to develop optimal welding conditions for products that customers want to produce and apply them to system that supplies to customers, thereby shortening the mass production stabilization period and supplying system with high customer satisfaction.

[Hydrogen fuel cell business] is utilizes Know-how to ‘laser welding automation system technology’ to develop laser welding technology to replace metal separator rubber gasket for hydrogen fuel cell, and we expect to reduce production cycle time and cost by more than 25%.

In order to improve the forming quality of metal separators, we developed a 4-axis direct-drive servo press for metal separator forming, and developed a technology that dramatically improves productivity and quality compared to conventional mechanical press.

Using laser welding technology and 4-axis direct-drive servo press technology, we are developing a [Bipolar plate continuous Production Line] that can automatically produce metal separator cells in hydrogen fuel cell stacks through a batch process.

Once the development of [Bipolar plate continuous Production Line] is completed, we are confident that we will be able to stand small-high company for hydrogen fuel cell system and parts.

We promise to make continuous efforts to supply metal separator manufacturing and inspection system and stack parts of various hydrogen fuel cells such as PEMFC, MCFC, and SOFC to advance the hydrogen economy era and meet customer needs.

CEO of ELF System Byung-Soo Jung