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Business Field

Laser Welding Autometion equipment

Based on the LASER welding technology unique to the ELF system, automation equipment design and manufacture provides the best solution for customer needs.


Fields requiring the bonding of products (automobile parts, defense parts, battery etc.)


Overview of Welding Equipment Products

Division Contents
Product name Laser welding automation equipment
Application High quality bonding
Equipment type Single Welding Equipment, Mass Welding Equipment
Capability Design, Engineering, Production, Installation / Trial run
Major customers Automobile parts, defense parts related companies


Division Corporation Contents
Automation equipment 인***** BEV-E BMA PROTO equipment
Automation equipment 인***** VW MEB STACKING equipment(Hungary)
Automation equipment 쿠*** HEATER CASE Automation equipment
Automation equipment 상**** CAP ASS’Y LASER welding Equipment
Automation equipment 포**** Tube Hybrid(laser+MIG) Equipment
Automation equipment 성**** EV BET LOWER BRACE Equipment
Automation equipment 대*** KA4 UPPER RAIL Welding SYSTEM
SG2 RECL welding Equipment – three divisions
SG2 UPPER RAIL Welding Equipment
Automation equipment 네*** ANNULUS GEAR Welding SYSTEM
Automation equipment 세*** End Cap laser welding system
Automation equipment (주)다* DRP8s laser welding MC
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